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Introduction to the MindSpace Art Podcast


Welcome to the MindSpace Art Podcast. I am Eric Woods from Christchurch, New Zealand.

The backing music used in the podcast is from an improvisation CD I did with some friends quite a while ago now, but I’ll talk about that in a following episode.

In my day job, I do a variety of different things, but mostly applying technology to the education and creative industries (www.MindSpaceSolutions.com).

www.MindSpaceArt.com is more of an informal place where I put up a few of the things I play around with in my spare time.

The MindSpace Art Podcast is an audio version of the blog I have at www.MindSpaceArt.com/blog – I am going for a kind of hybrid blog/podcast (blogcast?) so where possible, the blog and the podcast will cover the same information. Occasionally I suspect I might get lazy and simply mention in the blog that the podcast goes into more detail, or vice versa.

So the MindSpace Art Blog/Podcast will focus on my applications of technology to art, but will also have a few of my personal views mixed in there for good measure.

So I hope you find something of interest, and have a good day,



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