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23 June, 2006
by Eric

Upgrading to the term Web 2.1

Unfortunately I tuned into this podcast a couple of weeks after the fact, but even so, I’d like to share an interesting perspective. It was one of many discussions that flared up around this blog post by Tom Raftery from … Continue reading

21 June, 2006
by Eric

Adliberation: One Time Only. Seriously.

I wanted to let people know about the origins of the music I am using as a backing to the podcast at the moment, and as luck would have it, it kind of fits with the topic of the blog/podcast. … Continue reading

19 June, 2006
by Eric

Introduction to the MindSpace Art Podcast

Welcome to the MindSpace Art Podcast. I am Eric Woods from Christchurch, New Zealand. The backing music used in the podcast is from an improvisation CD I did with some friends quite a while ago now, but I’ll talk about … Continue reading